Accomodation in Moscow: hotel or apartment.

Many of our clients that had traveled to Moscow can tell you that we always recommend booking an apartment rather than a hotel. Even if we only receive a transportation order, we remind our clients that, on their next trip, they could consider rental apartment instead of a hotel. Why do we always recommend apartments for rent?

The main reason is, of course, the price. Just take a look at a couple of our rental apartments in Moscow downtown, for example, the Parliament. They're just across the street from the Ritz Carlton hotel. Can you guess, if you don't know, how much a standard room would cost there for a random night in Spring? Answer: over $800/night for single use! Of course, it's a regular price, maybe you can find a special offer and get a better rate. But then just compare it to the $250/night or even less you would pay for an apartment just across the street!

It is known that you can't find a good hotel in Moscow downtown that would be cheaper than $350/night. And if you're unlucky enough to visit Moscow during an international fair, the prices can be even less attractive. A small example: a couple of years ago, we had a Champions League Soccer Final here in Moscow. A hotel room that usually costs $300/night, suddenly cost $600/night! Well, it's common, you'll say, and some of the apartments were more expensive for the dates, but they were still cheaper than hotel rooms.

The answer could be: the hotel offers full service, that's why they're more expensive. But actually, what you get at a hotel that you can't get at the apartment is - the breakfast. By the way, many of the hotels don't include the breakfast in the room rate, as if the room wasn't expensive enough. And, we can share this secret with you - at selected apartments you book with us you can even pre-order breakfast.
Another thing you're getting when you book a hotel - luggage storage room where you can leave your bags after check-out. It's true, you can't do it at an apartment.
But just think that you can book an apartment with late check-out (it will cost you 50% of the nightly rate) and leave the bags there. And still you'll save the money because of the price difference.

Then, it's visa registration that is free of charge at hotels (which is not really true because it's just included in the rate) and that comes for an extra fee at the apartments. But the thing is that you only need visa registration if you're staying in Russia for more than 7 business days (excluding weekends and official holidays), and many clients leave Russia sooner or continue their journey to another city where the hotel registers them. So, it is likely that you won't even need registration in Moscow, and we think it's honest not to include the registration fee in the price because you don't have to pay for what you don't need!

Other things that hotels offer you at extra cost, we offer free of charge at our apartments, first of all, international calls that are never free at hotels. You'll be able to call any landline or cell phone number in the US and Canada, and landlines in Europe at no extra cost! The Internet and Satellite TV are included, too.
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