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  Moscow Centre:
( Red Square, Kremlin,
Lenin`s Mausoleum )
 U.S. Embassy:
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This one room apartment is convenient for 1 to 2 people who want to be in the center, but still don’t want to be disturbed by traffic and noise. The apartment has a genuine traditional Russian feel, with wooden interior ala 1920’s and high ceilings. One spacious room serves as a bedroom and a living room. The bed sleeps 2 and there is also a couch and an armchair to relax in. Moreover, the apartment has a fully equipped kitchen and features satellite TV, fast speed internet and other conveniences that will make your stay pleasant. The apartment is perfect for both vacationers and businessmen as Tverskaya street is a major tourist attraction, but also the main business street of Moscow.

Floor: 2


Electric tea kettle
Fast Internet connection
Free Unlimited International calls
Satellite TV
Washing machine


This area is right by the main street of Moscow- Tverskaya. As you will notice, this street is constantly bustling with life as its top notch restaurants, brand shops, clubs, cafés and many other attractions literally magnetize people. Just to mention a few of these places, not far from Pushkin square you will find Café Pushkin and Night Flight. Café Pushkin with its 19-th century atmosphere is the queen mother of Russian and French cuisine. Night Flight, on the other hand, is a modern restaurant/night club that successfully competes with world top rank restaurants and is therefore frequented by the posh upper class of Moscow. Right across the street from Night Flight you can enter a supermarket unlike any other in the world. The shop, or more accurately, the palace stocked with high-quality groceries is called Yeliseyev’s.

Walking down Tverskaya towards the Kremlin, you will come across many interesting places. One of them is Okhotny Ryad, a three floor underground mall, filled with shops, cafés and restaurants. There are also places of interest for those who are into history. Not only Yeliseyev’s with its captivating history can be found on Tverskaya, but also the governor’s palace, the Museum of Revolution, various monuments and splendid mansions. Since the apartment isn’t located directly on Tverskaya street, you won’t be bothered by traffic and other disturbances. But, you are still in the center of all happenings, enabling you to choose whether you want to take part in the hustle and bustle or just relax in your quiet and calm apartment.


Regular Season:

$149 (1 night stay)
$139 (2-5 nights stay)
$129(6-10 nights stay)
$120 (11-20 nights stay)
$99 (21 or more nights stay)

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